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slope soaring

  1. herbertjalarcon

    1st time slope soaring

    So with this lockdown, my local field is closed and all the others are limiting admission to 10 people at a time, so I've been looking for other places to fly. Started thinking about slope soaring...I built a Simple Soarer a few months back to launch off of my twin engine hauler (which is a lot...
  2. Crawford Bros. Aeroplanes

    Aeronaut 2m Sailplane

    My latest design, a 2m sailplane. It was inspired by Tony Mellor's Alto saiplane, found here: https://outerzone.co.uk/plan_details.asp?ID=11611 I wanted a glider with well-rounded capabilities that could handle a variety of wind conditions. We'll see if it succeeds in that regard, but I have...
  3. J

    Solved Ft glider

    Hi, just a simple doubt I have, I want to build a Flite test glider, but have trouble deciding if I should build the simple soarer or tiny trainer, bare in mind that the simple soarer for me is a little more complicated to build, I live in the mountain so fly on the slopes and are there any...
  4. bracesport

    Slope Master

    Well, on the back of some great builds in Balsa (especially @rockyboy 's builds) I have been inspired to build one myself - I have picked the SLOPEMASTER which I think it looks awesome - It is an old school design using old school techniques! The first step will be to CAD it up in 3D from the...
  5. bracesport

    my flight log

    My son was born nearly six years ago, and pretty much all free time stopped. I used to work too hard and for me, I really wanted to become a dad-aholic, so it wasn't a sacrifice, but it was a tough adjustment! Roll forward five years and after all the modelmaking with cardboard and hot glue...
  6. bracesport

    thread links - bracesport

    projects flight log - my flying log NEW - Vista v2 (pitcheron) - something slippery NEW - DLG v3 - a low-end mouldie Fusion Restoration - an indestructible learners glider pylon racer - converting a classic for the slope slopemaster build - my first balsa build slope soaring - my journey...
  7. FoamyDM

    FTFC20 Mara designed by FoamyDM - The Flying Mustache

    This the entry of the MARA designed by FoamyDM The graceful swept curves of this Thermal Soarer are enticing, I am drawn to the unique construction methods employed to build this unique craft. History: The craft was designed in 1999 by Markku Tähkäpää, reknown veteran Finnish modeler. but...
  8. P

    Radian glider over the Isle of Wight coastline

    Combining my interest in film & photography, RC planes.... and just messing about outdoors.... "One Last Flight..." short film 'hope you enjoy. :)
  9. P

    "One Last Flight"... short film

    Only just found this forum, and yet I've had much pleasure over the years watching the Flitetest team do their stuff - great fun. I've had this old Radian foamie glider for a few years now and despite plenty of early crashes and mishaps, a bit of frustration and just leaving it hanging whilst...
  10. Christopher14

    Fishing Rod Slope Soarer

    Among my various adventures in RC flight many of my favorites involve madcap scratch-built gliders. The formula is simple: take any suitable fuselage boom (be it an arrow-shaft, a fishing pole, etc.), a set of wings which started out in your head as the most streamlined wings in the history of...
  11. M

    Surprise my dad: what FT model to build for him?

    Hi guys, so I want to build a plane for my dad's birthday. He is kind of a noob (like me), but he loves gliders (he flies and crashes the MPX SOLIUS). He lives around an area with a lot of smaller soft hills and quite some wind, and he wants to learn slope soaring. He definitely needs a plane...
  12. M

    Gliders and Slope Soaring

    Hey Flite Test! Something I would be keen on seeing in one of your future episodes is more on slope soaring. Specifically on the smaller scale, such as the Hobbyking Guppy and Nexus-900. The sort of think you can chuck into your bag while walking or hiking and pull out if you find a good...
  13. davereap

    Small slope/bank soaring

    How about doing some more slope soaring... Ive seen in a lot of your videos a raised oval track... The banks around the oval are high enough in places to get some slope lift.. my dunes where I sometimes fly are about the same height... so please give it a go.. a small glider like you've already...
  14. C

    dihedral angle

    I'm building a balsa glider with a 1.6m wing span, it will be a 2 channel (rudder and elevator). I'm wondering what angle i should make the dihedral or if there is any way i can work it out. I would like to use the plane for hight starts and slope soaring
  15. T

    Beginner slope soarer

    Has anyone got any suggestions for a cheap, crashable slope soarer suitable for a beginner? Preferably unpowered and any size apart from scale size. Thanks, tristan
  16. R

    Slope Soaring with motorless Radian Pro Glider

    My first RC motorglider was a ParkZone Radian Pro. During the early months of my RC flying experience it suffered some severe damage to one of the wings and the fuselage after the earth jumped up and hit it a couple of times. I purchased some spare wings and a fuselage but ended up just...
  17. R

    Dream-Flight Libelle Discus Launch Glider(DLG) Ultimate Unboxing

    Here's some fun video footage of my new Dream-Flight Libelle Glider with a twist of humor mixed in for good measure. I consider this the Un-unboxing video. If you like gliders this one has a well thought out design, is easy to put together and can fly in very light to relatively strong wind...