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Slow Stick Adams Board Wing


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Hello there FTers,

I am currently fine tuning a new foam wing for my slow stick.

A neighbor of mine bought a balsa built up X-stick wing with a symmetrical airfoil. It seemed pretty cool but I instantly thought I bet I can do that for just a few bucks apposed to the fifty or so he spent.

My first work up is a bit thick and a little rough with all the after adjustments. But I like it enough I'm going to make a second and fine tune it. I think I'll even throw some LEDs in the wing. I cut the foam to fit over the servos witch I think is nice too. I'm thinking this would be easy to cut a notch for a go-pro on top too. A foam bomb drop box, I guess it could make this platform super fun to mess with. GWS wings are sometimes hard to come by too.

Would anyone be interested in some plans or a Article on this project?

Also any recommendations would be great too.

1.jpg 2.jpg 3.jpg
Looks cool! Wing looks a little thick, I would thin that out. Looks like it will be fun! What is your weight on that bird? I have a arrow shaft plane I built 33" wing span 7" cord really gentle flier it comes in at 14.75 oz.
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based on other designs and videos ive seen, I think you have more foam shaping the wing than is needed (and thus un needed weight) and that the thickness is a bit much. I doubt it being thicker than needed will prevent it from flying but a thinner and more teardrop shape might provide better lift (I say might, im no expert!)

I will say, I cant even see how you mounted the aileron servos!

both of those planes take my back to my 1st hobby grade flyer....a parkzone slo-v! im only just getting started with scratch builds, but there are soo many possibilities its amazing!


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That is pretty funny. The thickness was one of the things that I wanted to fix. I think it could probably be about half as thick as I made it. The foam wing was about .3g heavier than the stock GWS wing. I think I can get it lighter than stock. The thing I like the best is the full Ailerons. This puppy can roll!