So I Got This For $4 at Goodwill


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Its a Replacement for a e-flite apprentice s 15e. this part alone is $40-$50! luckily E-Flite still sell all the parts i need to get this one up in the air. now since i care much for the "safe" stuff im going to try and get the stuff like the motor and ESC for cheap. so i think i'll ask on here what u guys think i should get for this one to fly (other then the wings, tail, and landing gear) im going to get something like the Hobby King 2.4Ghz 4ch Tx & Rx V2 (mode 2) since i just want simple and cheap.






right now im working on a Dubstep Gun for a small 3 peace band called Kazha. so once i get that done i'll hope to start geting all the parts over the summer to get it flying


Wake up! Time to fly!
Nice find.

I picked up my last guitar amp head from the local good will for 34 dollars a few years back. Still plays fine over two years later.

amp rig small.jpg


Good score!

Psyborg, is that an RP500 I see there? I love mine. I don't play much these days, but from time to time I miss it. A few years back playing guitar for me was much like breathing.


Wake up! Time to fly!
Yes that is an RP500 Good Eye!

Most awesomest addition to my rig ever. I can reproduce any guitarists sound with that. Maybe not play as perfectly but I can surely sound just like them with that processor. I modded that bass cabinet so the left vertical quad of speakers is 2 ohms and the right as well on their own channels. disconnected the tweeter driver in the cabinet and I play the guitar thru it now instead of my bass. I got frustrated with that cabinet after buying it brand new and found only two speakers were working all the time. Found out the wiring was bad at the connector crimps after playing out a few times with it.

I hooked it up to a crown CE4000 to push it hard enough to find the failure. After I redid the wireing with proper rated wires direct soldered to the speakers I retested. That rig put a 30 foot crack in a friends basement wall. The neighbor lady was asking the next day if we felt the "Trucks" that rolled thru the night before and was complaining the had knocked some of he knick knacks off their shelves.

This is what it sounds like now..



Love the RP500, even tho it's been almost a decade. It still holds up nicely. My favorite is the SLO-100 modelling, which inspired me to buy a Jet City amp (designed by Soldano).

But we digress from the intent of the thread! Hit me up via PM, or start a new thread elsewhere. I'll join guitar conversation!:D