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I have been looking around on youtube and have seen where some guys building foamies are using spackle to smooth out or shape their planes, is this the same spackle as they use in drywall?????


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I'd say it is. In Australia we actually have a ready mixed product called Spackfilla. I've found that the quick dry version is the best as it has no water but some sort of quick evaporating fluid that helps it dry and set quickly. It also seems to be lighter than the regular type. On foamies you spread a thin layer on the part you are working on and then after it has dried you use fine sandpaper to remove most of it, leaving only the the thinest of layers to fill the deformities and dents you want to get rid of. Really good results are possible but you need to do the work and most of the filler ends up on the ground.
Hot skippy! I've got a tub of that stuff at the house. Tons left over from a wall repair. Glad I got the most lightweight stuff they had :D

Totally should have thought of this - I've got an autobody degree for goodness sake... should be like second nature to fill the dings and dents in a foam plane. I just hope I don't get obsessive and end up with a showroom quality repair/new paintjob after every bruise :eek:

In any event, I'll have to give it a shot after my next failed argument with gravity!


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midnight, some people use it in the building of their planes as well.

I've seen it used on fan fold foam to some very impressive results.

Then there's using .05 oz fiberglass cloth, and water based polyurethane for skinning the planes...