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Speedy GL setup running REALLY hot!! HELP!!!


Junior Member
First, let me apologize for sounding thick and (after trying to get a grip on electric setups) not grasping the basics.

I bought a HK Speedy GL a while ago and ordered the recommended power setup for it. The recommended page on HK listed a 28mm 2200Kv inrunner (rated at 500W), a 60amp ESC and either a 3s or 4s lipo. I bought a couple of the Nano-Tech 2200Mah 3s lipo's (25c to 50c discharge).

I got everything up and running and flew it pulling a 11x8 folding prop. Everything went great for about a minute, then the motor cut. I landed and I couldn't even touch the motor. The ESC was really hot too.

I blew the ESC & motor next time I tried to test it, so bought a new one (60amp again, but this time with a separate BEC) and a new 2200Kv motor. I also read that it might be too large a prop, so I went down to a 7x4 folding prop. I also bought a Watt meter.

I still have the same problem, but I haven't blown anything (yet!). The Watt meter reads 700W, 65amps at full power, but the setup is still running really hot on half throttle.

Can someone who knows their stuff please, please, please help me before I end up wearing my underpants on my head with pencils up my nose shouting "WIBBLE!"...lol

Many thanks in anticipation,



Epoxi Flyer
first we need to know wich speedy hotliner you got;

this one:


or this:


also we need to know wich motor are you using

If you are using the latter; you cant use a 11x8 prop with a 2200 kv motor !!! of course you know it by now .... 7x4 seems adequate but you might check the air intake as inrunners tend to generate alot of heat.

the former one suggest a 900kv motor with 10x6 prop wich would be a good setup for a begginer/intermediate pilot

both planes are similar but my suggestion is to go with a bigger prop and lower Kv as you will have more control at low speeds ( better for begginer)

if you choose that path (lower kv bigger prop); get the 2836 motor with 900-1200 kv or if you want to go bigger get the 3542 with 1000-1250kv motors

the props for those motors can go from 10x6 to 11x8 with no problem. i have a 3542 1250kv with a 10x7 and it goes unlimited vertical.


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Thanks for your response. You've confirmed my thoughts about dropping the kv rating. I have the second Speedy you showed.

I like the sound of the unlimited vertical, so I'll try to match your setup. I'm more of an intermediate pilot, I just HATE building and repairing things. Lol. But I know if you fly at some point you'll end up rebuilding/repairing.

Many thanks for your help. You've probably saved me a lot of wasted time and money.

Thanks for the advice mate.

I have kinda met in the middle and got a 1100kv 35mm outrunner swinging the 11x8 prop. I'm pulling about 38amps with 340watts on max chat. Loads better and lots of pull. I'm gonna keep tweaking the setup, but thanks to you and the other guy I now have a good base to start from.

Many, many thanks again and happy flying. :)