Spektrum AR620 Receiver Set Up for Elevons


Dear Brains Trust,

I've looked everywhere online for help on this topic - surely I can't be the first to ask about it:

Could some kind and patient person explain to me how to connect up my Spektrum AR620 Receiver to the servos in my Zohd Delta kit. I have created a new model in my DX6 Tx and have set the wing type to "Elevons". I have connected my ESC to the Throttle No 1 port. I was told that the LH Elevon should be connected to the Aileron Port (2) and the RH Elevon should be connected to the Elevator (3) port. I've tried this but I can't get both elevons working.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance...

LeeBee71 :cool: :geek: