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Spektrum dxe Throttle Issues

Hey all,
I recently purchased a betafpv hx115 hd. I bound it to a new spektrum dxe successfully, but the throttle isn't working. All other controls are, the correct motors turn when pitching and turning commands are inputted, but there is no throttle.
I think so, because there's no screen I can't program which channel it uses to arm, but it seems to arm. On betaflight, the throttle seems to be being controlled by a switch instead of the throttle stick.
Actually now all of the functions are appearing as they should on betaflight. I solved the first issue, it was in turtle mode. I have the arm set to a switch, so it should be working but I'm not getting any throttle. Is there anything I'm missing in how to arm it?


Elite member
You might need the app to program a switch for arming. You can use the receiver tab to see which channel is on which switch, flick them in turn and see which Aux outputs go on. Then use that to set the arm switch to the right Aux and range,
If you have it bound, then plugged in to a battery not the USB then it should arm, the motors might idle when it’s on. Joshua Bardwell has a load of videos on getting a quad to arm, he goes over all the common problems.