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Spektrum flap system freeze


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Question, When you pin the control sticks, are your servos making a lot of noise?
Not any more, they were initially but that changed after I went through it a second time. There have been a few iterations of this problem so far. I thought I had it solved because I couldn't get it to do it again on the bench, which is why it came to the airfield. It was behaving perfectly till I tried to actually fly it.

The old ESC has a 3A BEC, the new ESC ordered has a 3A UBEC, but that doesn't exactly matter because the plane is getting a standalone 5A UBEC before it goes back together. I just wanted to eliminate the possibility of the ESC itself being faulty while I'm in there taking everything apart. I already have to rewire the power pod, I'd rather not have to rewire it twice.


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Not any more, they were initially but that changed after I went through it a second time....The old ESC has a 3A BEC
A 3 amp BEC will be good for about 4 - 9 gram servos. If you are moving more than 4 at the same time you are running the risk of an drawing too much power and browning out.

The servos should just about go silent when they have reached the desired position. If you pin the sticks and they sound about like they do while they are moving, you are stalling the servo. That is, the servo is trying to move but can't, because it's hitting something . The amp draw for the stalled servo will max out.

Try adjusting the end points of the servo travel until you can pin the sticks and the servos will go silent when they each the desired position. Or find out what is keeping them from moving further.


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Like I said.
They were stalling, they aren't any more since I went through it a second time.
Everything was nice and clean, which is why I tried to fly it but it quit on me when I put it in the air.
It's getting a bigger ESC and an external 5A UBEC.


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Sounds like the BEC isn't outputting the rated 3amp or something is drawing too much. The plane in the below video has a 3 amp switching BEC.