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I'm interested in making my first spitfire after I "finish" my current plane. what's the roll rate like? Anything you don't like about it?


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I flew both of mine today, and they were lovely. The pink one is, I think, a touch faster for some reason (they have identical electrics and prop setups), so I can afford to be a bit more aggressive with it.

I did some proper aerobatics with Pinky for the first time (basic loops and rolls), and she did them well. Rolls are a bit on the slow side, yeah, but as long as you push in some forward stick as you go over, it's fine.


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i vote second group build , but thats just me lol
I have some more FT-spitfires left from my 8 cutouts for a year ago. So I am always up for building another Spitfire.
If we want to host live build-nights during this second group Build. the Aviation RC Noob Podcast Discord can host.
matter of fact we have one scheduled for this Friday (8-11pm EDT)


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That's why All my pilots are goalies:p

if you don't, before you know it you have 50+ plane and growing
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So, I usually have some trouble figuring out what colour scheme to put on my RC Spitfire projects, but my latest one will be easy.
Since I recently started reading Geoffrey Wellum's book "First Light" again, I thought.... Why not?!

Geoffrey Wellum was one of the youngest pilots who fought in the Battle of Britain. He was just 18 when he flew his first Spitfire, with less than 200hrs total flying time under his belt. After the Battle, he became an instructor before going back on operations and flying sweeps across the English Channel, and later flew Spitfires in the defence of Malta.

He passed away in 2018, at the ripe old age of 96.

You can read about him here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Geoffrey_Wellum


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