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Help! Spitfire build issues.


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I have issues with the tail assembly. When I cut them out they look okay flat as they are. However the support od the tail and elevator dont seem to be sturdy. The stabilizer looks tweaked and uneven. I have been trying for a few months to get this build done. I have rebuilt the plane a few times due too exercise animal contact. (Cats)
I have a e-flite 2500 30C 3S battery for the plane. Trying to get cg done as well. I appreciate your time thanks Peter
Ps I live in Rainier, Oregon


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It should be okay to fly but you can try running a bead of hot glue where the horizontal stabilizer meets the fuse and where the vertical stabilizer meets the horizontal. If that doesn't work you can always use BBQ skewers to brace the tail.

I hope this helped!


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When you sightline the bottom of the wing to the bottom of the horizontal stab, it should be even/parallel. If it is not horribly off it will fly fine, perhaps with a bit of a tendency to roll towards the lower side. Should be able to trim out with a little counteracting aileron.

You can measure from wing trailing edge tips to the leading edge tips of your horizontal stab to see if that aligns well. Should be same both sides

Hard to tell from a picture without measurements...

The vertical stab should be 90 degrees to the horizontal.


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To strengthen the tail you can embed a skewer spanwise in the horizontal stabiliser. in addition you can seal the FB with Minwax or equivalent and paint in you desired colour scheme. It should become more than strong enough.

as for the CG it can tend to be tail heavy, so you can bring the tail servos forward. Use a metal spinner or at least a heavy one and as a option of last resort you can build it with the paper removed from the inside of the fuselage from the wing TE back to the tail. Again after finishing it should be strong enough.

Just what works for me!

Have fun!


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Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it.
BTW I have an a E Flite park 370 motor and the Batery is a eflite 3c 2500. It's 4.5 inches and heavy. I have the battery positioned within a half inch of the motor still tail heavy. Thanks Peter