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Spitfire power pod

Just completed the FT Spitfire and would like to know how others arrange the drive components, in or off of the power pod.
Motor and ESC are mounted. But for convenience of removal or interchangeability, where is it best to fit the RX and the battery "given that there is almost no access to the inside of the fuse". The battery could be velcro`d to the underside of the power pod I presume, so as to pre-engage the connector and slide it all in together? But I am curious to know how to conveniently connect the servo leads. Either leave the RX fixed inside the fuse or fit extended servo leads to connect to the RX if fitted into the pod. Either way would work, but would value the advice of existing owners before going committing.


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Put the RX inside the fuselage, I try to have at least one antenna by the bottom hatch, then if needed put an extension onto the BEC/throttle wire from the ESC. Until it’s dead you are unlikely to need to get to the RX and it’s better nearer the back away from the EMF noise of the motor.
You want the battery and connector front where you can easily disconnect it. I prefer under the power pod on Velcro, that way you can access it with your hand away from the prop.


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I always test fit everything and double check my CG before final fix and test, it usually results in better first flights and reliable operation from the off.