Sratch build dogles a-20

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Scene its winter here I decided to try to design a plane. Not just any plane a world war 2 plane. After searching a while I found the Dogles A-20 bomber.


Now I want it To be a slow flying air plane

I started to design the wing. I made it pretty fat to try to make it slower.

I also shortened a standered power pod and i am going to make a sleeve to go over it to make it look more "scale"

I am going to use the twin power pack c to power this and the 2250 3c on flitetest store

I am going to post my progress on this page so
If you guys have any sugestions feel free to leave them.

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I finally finished up the wing today and I just want to do a update.

I also added dihedral in the wing by cutting a angle in a pant stick and added it to both sides of the spare.

The wing is pretty thick so I am hoping this will make it a slow flying air plane. I also add under camber on the wing tips to try to reduce weight and prevent tip stalls.

the ailerons are 1in by 10in we will see if there big enough probably not but I don't have enough room to make them any bigger with out making a new wing with a different design.

now I am going to work on the fuselage and leave figuring out the motors last because I don't have the wire to make a Y harnes for the battery but I should be getting it soon

I do want to put landing gear on this plane but I don't want to deal with nose gear so I might just make it a tail dragger I don't know yet.


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Well I changed the plane a little it doesn't look like a A-20 any more but I didn't want to deal with the nose. Today I got the fuselage tail and power pods all on the plane. After a full day of work on this plane it looks like this

The landing gear will mount on the plywood

I don't have a y-Harness to run one battery so I am just going to run it on two 2250mah 3c under the wings until I get the connectors to make one.

Now this is where it doesn't look like a Douglas A-20 any more

I am not going to have any rudder on this first prototype just differential thrust

tomorrow I am going to work on finishing things up like putting servos on for the tail making the landing gear making a skid plate for the tail and programming my radio. I hope scene I am going to use differential thrust I wont have to have a steerable tail wheel to turn the plane on the ground. I am excited to see if it flys but we are having freezing rain all weekend so that the why the plane got done to day. I am going to make sure it is a calm day before flying it.

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I finished the rest of the plane today and its ready to fly.

I am going to run it on two 2250 batterys. I am excited to see if it flys but if it doesn't well at least it will look cool crashing.

On v2 I am going to change the way the motors mount onto the wing because there just hot glued on the wings right now.
I am going to change the tail also because it it pretty week.
I also need to get different type of plywood to mount the wheels because right now it is birch wood and its to week.
I think it will fly but it probably wont fly good. I am going to record the flight and post it on my you tube channel Tri Blades. So if it crashes and explodes ill have it on video :) I wont be able to fly any time soon because the weather is bad but after I fly it i will let you guys know how it did.

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i have some specs on the plane now

weight 1300g or 2.8 pounds
wing span 54in or 137cm
length 43in 109cm

2-motors-Emaxx GT2215/09
spining 2 9by4.5
2-30 amp esc
2-2250 mah battery pack
3-9 gram servos
spectrum 6ch rx