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  1. M

    Not your typically warbird, The HSDJETS Zero

    It's incredible seeing warbirds that are not the typical Mustang or Spitfire. Join us as we look into this model and how well HSDJets did bringing this warbird from the Pacific to the modelers' hanger!
  2. OGnapkin

    FMS Corsair 800mm V2 Upgrade

    will the 800mm corsair v2 by fms fly on a 3s? also, what prop should I put on to make sure it doesn't draw too many amps?
  3. FoamyDM

    Vought OS2U-3 Kingfisher - Mini A-Pack

    Inspiration: During Family Day Trip to Wilmington, NC with my Mother, Step-Father and Sons, we stopped in to U.S.S. North Carolina. a WWII Battleship. Something I had passed EVERY time I went to Wilmington over the years living in NC. As the morning was cloudy and a bit rainy, it was a perfect...
  4. Spitfire Mk Vc

    Spitfire Mk Vc

    Spitfire on a low pass
  5. IMG_1461.jpg


    P-51D Mustang
  6. OGnapkin

    How to determine if you can have a bigger battery

    I am looking at a warbird right now but don't know if i can add a 5 or 6 cell battery to it instead of the stock 4S recommended without burning out the electronics. how can i figure out if it will be ok to run on 5 or 6 cell? this is the plane i was talking about btw...
  7. Fluburtur

    Arsenal VG-33 C1

    Enough teasing in other threads, now is time to make one dedicated for this one! First, a bit of history of this airplane. In 1937, the French air ministery wanted a light single seat fighter after realising in 1936 during the Spanish civil war that the french aviation wasn't really up to date...
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  12. Archimedian

    Aluminum sheeted P51-D foamie.

    Howdy. What we are going to have here is a DTFB/purple foam/balsa composite build with full aluminum foil sheeting. Other features are aluminum tube for control surface hinges, aluminum tube suspension, and a belly exhaust vent. Wingspan: 36" Predicted weight: 400grams The wing is built on...
  13. Archimedian

    Scratch P-51 with scratch retracts and scratch shock absorbers

    All up weight- 405 grams Wingspan- 36 inches This will be brief. Please leave any questions, tips, or builds of your own in the comments. Most of the wing construction i will skip. It is a standard D tube wing. The ribs were made using the "sandwich between plywood ribs" method. It was...
  14. R

    Roughly 1/10 scale Heinkel 111 : 2.25m (7' 4") wing span

    So a few days ago I started pondering over the concept of building an RC heinkel 111. I've always had a strong fondness for this plane, and found its smooth curves and eliptical wings very aesthetically pleasing. I then thought about building it to the same scale as the FT spitfire, realising...
  15. Sir Fly

    Build Log: Building My Dad's/Uncle's Guillows P40

    Introduction This thread is dedicated to the build log of my Dad's Guillows P40. This plane has a very interesting and unique history, and I have really grown quite attached to it. I am really looking forward to completing the plane and seeing it in the air, and I hope you will too! Please...
  16. SP0NZ

    *Unofficial* FT MiG-3

    FT MiG-3 Description: The FT Mig 3 is a result of a wonderful to your collaboration with one of our community members, Nic Lechner. Nic’s incredible design has been simplified so it can be built as fast as it flies. The FT Mig 3 uses the same familiar techniques that are incorporated in all...
  17. M

    Newbie questions

    I want to get into flying warbirds but im kinda broke, I know about fms but i like bigger warbirds. So far I have flow the champ and a texan, what would be a good warbird thats semi easy to fly, is big-ish and is under 150$ (i have batteries and radio systems)
  18. R

    P-38 Speed Build

    I didnt know where to post this but i would love a p 38 speed build/swap able please add to this so ft recognizes it
  19. P

    Messerschmitt Bf-109 - foamboard build based on Ultramicrobe's mods of FT Spitfire

    This build started as an effort to make a companion for my friend's Spitfire. I found that user Ultramicrobe already made modifications of FT Spitfire plans that make it into Messerschmitt Bf-109 ( article on FliteTest ). Since I'm a novice scratch-builder, I applied Ultramicrobe's...
  20. Rc high flyer

    Sratch build dogles a-20

    Scene its winter here I decided to try to design a plane. Not just any plane a world war 2 plane. After searching a while I found the Dogles A-20 bomber. Now I want it To be a slow flying air plane I started to design the wing. I made it pretty fat to try to make it slower. I also...