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Solved Sticking my neck out... Need a FT Storch Speed Build Kit


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Alright, alright...

The Storch has been on my build list for quite awhile now...
Let's build one together... (or built two, but at the same time... you know what I mean...)

I'll finish the laser files tonight and probably get you a dtfb quick-build kit out tomorrow or next week (AND a tiny trainer!!)
(Heck, I'm even tossing in some glue sticks...)

But,... We had better see you in the air by the end of the month...

P.S..... Was your Dad in the SR program?.....
Thanks Timothy! I look forward to it! YES, there will be Video... Pass or Fail.

And YES! My Dad was a RSO/Pilot/Instructor, on the SR-71 Blackbird!!! A very Proud Son is always glad to say. :cool:o_O

With a Father who flew 2300mph @95,000ft (recently declassified), anything I've done, pales by comparison........
BIG shoes.

Really looking forward to the double build!!!
I saw a Video about one who clipped the Wings about 1.5", and it seemed to make quite a bit of difference.
I will try the as built first though.

I just got permission to use a double Soccer Field at a nearby Middle School, on Sundays and Monday evenings!!! (y)
So I'll have a large (relatively) area, with no overhead obstructions. In other words, NO EXCUSES!!
I told My Daughter that she's been drafted as my Videographer.

.... I've got about 22000hrs of Flying experience (1:1).....
I hope that means that I won't stuff it immediately on the Maiden! LOL

..... OH, and now that she's sadly Retired.
At 9yrs old, I am officially the youngest person who has ever sat in a SR-71 Cockpit!
Yes, that and a Dollar will get me a cup of coffee...
But it was one of my favorite moments.
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