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Hi guys I am building my first ARF and have it almost finished. I am using an electric motor and 3s battery as I have that in my kit so the guy at the model shop gave me the biggest about 620 with an 11/5 prop I think. I put the marks on the wings for CG at 86 and to my horror it fell backwards off my fingers.
I needed to put in 2 D cell Duracell batteries and a big padlock to get it balanced. Wondering if I should use led instead. and where to place it Should I build a cowl and put the weight forward as much as possible or under the battery case should be fine.

Also any advice on building my first battery compartment and should is it ok to have it higher in the compalsrtment to make it easier to change or does it need to go at the bottom with foam on top to hold in place ??

Thnsk in advance for any help