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stock market


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Good points all around. My only concern is seeing the free market as zero sum. When I buy an FT speed build kit, FT is happy to make the sale and I am happy to get my parts. We have different goals but those goals are complimentary. We both win. Even if (when) I crash, I still win because I took the risk and will learn from the results and that makes me a better person.

To answer OP, I recommend finding a good CPA. Get your books and finances in order. Manage your debt and have a solid tax plan before you invest.

Don't day trade. Think long term and diversify. I look at my stock market portfolio no more than 4 times per year. Don't invest money you can't afford to lose and (the biggie for me) don't trade altruistically. Lower your risk as you get older and have less time to recover.

To put it in FliteTest lingo, preparation and research pays off BIG time. Don't buy too much plane to handle. Learning from other people's mistakes is cheaper than learning from your own. The slower your reaction time is due to age or inexperience, the higher up or slower you need to fly.

We do this better as a group than in isolation.

There will be crashes. If there is no chance of a crash, then there is no chance of successful flight. Throwing a new plane in the air is one of the most thrilling things ever because you risk it all on that toss.

All flights end on the ground. The key is to fly as long as you can and have fun doing it. Such are life, love, the stock market and flight.

RC flight is a great tutorial for stock market investing IMO. :)
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I have long decided for myself that the stock exchange is not for me. I can only guess the trends but not influence them. Isn't that an ordinary gamble? Then it's easier for me to take deposit bonus codes and try to make money. At least here I don't need a starting fund. I think this is a better option.
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