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Stuck in a tree, Too windy for me.

So I thought I could squeeze in a flight before the SuperBowl. I went to my regular place and noticed it was a little windier than I ever flown before. I took off, 8 seconds later I was stuck in the tallest tree in the frickin' park! Spent the next hour throwing rock at it. I asked a kid if he could help, and he tried but got to cold and went home. I finally broke down and called my mom to bring me a ladder, uhg. I thought I could climb the tree, but my fear of heights wouldn't let me get past the third rung. Called a friend to see if her kid would climb it, he did, and got it down.

I would have rather broken down on the freeway! The problem was I flew in too windy conditions for my skills! So lesson learned, I guess.

I tell you, I felt so helpless, it sucked. So if you think it might be too windy to fly, it probably is.


Senior Member
My best tool for these situations is a plum bob on a long string. I toss it up over the branch and shake it out, this usually works great. Worst case scenario I have had to hook the plane with the string and tear it out of the tree, at least I got my electronics back.


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The worst I've had was getting a plane stuck on top of a shed. Not a good feeling. I tried a rope with a tennis ball at the end and that didn't work. So I got out a rickety ladder and quickly remembered how much I hate ladders. Even though I've been on top of that shed before, it was still nerve racking trying to climb up. I swear I'm not afraid of heights, I just hate being on something that doesn't feel stable. And a twenty foot wooden ladder flexes a lot when you're climbing it. Plus I had no one to hang on to the ladder.