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Voice or data RF simplex repeater small enough for RC!

Simplex voice or data radio repeater.​

I'd like to see a simplex rf repeater for the GMRS/FRS frequencies available in a small enough package that it could be put in a long range or loitering RC aircraft for search and rescue. This would allow a civil population area extended radio coverage of an area like a river bottom etc. If it was to dense a vegetation or mountainous etc for direct communications over two way radio a simple RC airplane could take aloft a simplex radio repeater. This way if the person did not answer in 10 seconds the aircraft would repeat the audio it did hear from the originating station then it would delete that and wait for the next transmission. If the station did answer with in the 10 second time and was on the air at least 2 seconds it would delete the message and not repeat it, and recording the 2 second transmission and what did follow etc. This would allow voice repeating on a simplex channel. Also this as an airborne platform using a drone or RC airplane could save many lives and if in the hands of trained RC pilots do some real good. With this being able to be frequency agile would allow it to be used by Hams, police and the normal population with cheap inexpensive hand held radios. If this was allowed to be put in a water tower, river bluff or other high structure during such a situation I believe it would be common place for boaters on our water ways to carry radios to work such stations. And hopefully with the help of the Chinese and others the cost would be low enough that the normal person could afford to buy it. Maybe it would be low enough in $ that everyone in RC could own one.

Data linking like wifi etc for keyboard to keyboard. Yes this could be used to transmit low speed data, PC to PC. Just incase a transmission not in plane voice was needed. Or for right now even a small RF WIFI router small enough for RC use would be nice for areas where communications was out. One able to RF link on 2.4GHz PCs!

Just an Idea.:D Any Ideas Guys?
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