Suggestions On my website.


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I do work for: Real estate, action sports, cinematography and more. Check out my website at

just getting started so contact me with questions, price is negotiable. includes short highlight edit or longer edit for different applications.
let me know if you have any suggestions or comments on the website or my services!


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First thing that stands out, you need to have someone check the grammar of the site. Punctuation, capitalization etc. How you present yourself may be your first and only representation of yourself. If they see errors and mistakes there, they may think that your professional work would be more of the same.

Who do you expect your customers to be? Who do you expect to find your website? What questions will they have, that are not answered in the first glance of that front page? Have a family member or friend, someone unfamiliar with the hobby or business, look at the site and get answers for some questions such as how to contact you, what services are provided, what the costs are? Then ask them if it was easy or frustrating to get those answers. Ask them what they would change.


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Scrolling...I HATE scrolling... Great gfx are nice but the first thing I want to see on a business web page is who you are and what you do.
Page scaling.. Set it up so you can fit a reasonable amount of information in that initial view. The more I can learn about you there the more likely I will be to click on a related link for something that interests me about you or your business. Like Cranial says we want general information first. THEN section that page out to other pages with more in depth details and pretty gfx.

FT website drove me bonkers for the first week or so after the change with having to seek the links I wanted and chase things around so you are not alone.


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I think it looks really nice. I didn't prefer the hover feature on the pictures since they fill the browser window. My cursor is inevitably inside of the window in order to use my scroll wheel so each pictures fades a little as it becomes the one in focus. Possibly reversing this so that the hover state is the brighter state would solve my issue.

Also, scrolling through that many pictures is a bit unfriendly. I would recommend another way to display the photos on this page. Perhaps some type of album with thumbnails and viewing area.


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I went to every page on your site once with Chrome on Windows 7 64.

I note that:
AdblockPlus blocked 10 items on the site
Disable HTML5 Autoplay stopped 5 videos from auto playing.
PrivacyBadger found and blocked 16 potential trackers. These were mostly Google adds and analytics, Cloudflare and Doubleclick. WIX was clean and was not reported as a tracker.

PoperBlocker blocked 8 popups.
httpsEverywhere was able to connect via https. The site is secure. :)

I do not permit Flash, ever and I do not seem to have missed anything on your site as a result.

I was able to open all the photos and play the videos.

There is a small WIX ad on the bottom of every page. It appears to be part of a frame and is non-obtrusive.

The page was clean and easy to read. I found one misspelling. "Aeral" in the services drop down should be "Aerial".

I did not see any hover feature. One of my addons probably blocked it. :)

I note that I have no idea where your services are available. You could be in Japan from the photos.
EDIT: I just noticed the |OR| in the tab title in Chrome.

On the about page, I think you sliced the FAA cert in half.

Because the front page is so long, I assumed the whole site was one long page and almost missed the links at the top. The length of your home page may make some folks miss some of your deeper content. I'm pretty odd so don't change this unless multiple people tell you the same thing. :)

It's a beautiful site. I can see your prices and what you want to sell. You have some very nice images and some nice transitions. These are clean looking and aren't overused.

Nice selfie. :)
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I only checked your home page and some of the photos took a while to load. They look like really nice angles. I really like the pictures. But if there are a lot and they require high bandwidth then you might lose some who'd rather not wait.

I wish you well on your endeavor.