Advise please! Wanting to work in aerial photography part time.


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Hi everyone. I'm a fulltime student, studying mechanical engineering. I've been looking for part time jobs, I've also been thinking about working for myself part time.

I've been considering setting up for taking aerial photography. Just a couple of days a week to help with fees and living costs. I have had about 1 1/2 years of flying multi rotors experience. However I don't really have the money to go out and buy a full setup 3 axis stabilized platform, like a phantom. I will be starting with a electrohub with a cheap 2 axis gimbal, and a David Windestal style tricopter, and using a hero 4 black for recording.

Considering the gear and experience I have, I wont be wanting to dive straight into high end productions. I will want to start off slow, probably taking stills. I plan just to be capturing events such as sports games, parties, weddings. Targeting towards people who want low cost, low budget stills. Just to the average joe, who thinks it would be neat to have a few shots of a event. I dont think I have the gear or experience yet to shoot for real-estate, or adverts. I am planning on shooting for real estate and adverts when I can afford to set up for it, but certainly not to start with.

Has anyone here set up a business like this out of nothing, do you think how I'm planning on starting out is a viable idea? So far it's been at a hobbyist level, but if I could use my hobby just to make some extra money in the weekends that would be awesome.
How much would you charge for such a service, I was thinking possibly $20-30 an hour? I know that's cheap, but considering I'm using hobby grade multicoptors, and I'm only wanting to make this a part time job as something aside from studying? I will certainly want to progress, and offer better quality, but as a staring point what do you think?

I am familiar with local laws and regulations with using multirotors. I will be setting up initially as a sole trader. I dont want to be the stereotypical dumbass who got a drone, and has no idea how to use it get myself in trouble. I do have a dim view on people who use them irresponsibly, and un-safely. I'm just wanting to use my hobby, and what i enjoy, to help support myself while I'm studying.

Please let me know if I'm being a complete idiot with unrealistic expectations (I'm kind of expecting it). And thanks for all youre help on this forum.