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Swappable B25 Twin-Engine Mitchell Bomber

There has been a lot of hits to the Article on building the Swappable B25 Twin-Engine Mitchell Bomber


So I thought it would be good to start a thread for people making it to show their pictures, videos, any modifications and upgrades too. So if you built it, made it bigger, smaller, or better, and if you and are reading this, then consider posting something, so we can see how it looks and flies.



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Finally had time to sit down and write a few words. The B25 is one of my favorite multi engine airplanes. As I stated on the Swappable B25 feed, I've decided to build a couple B25's. The one I have farthest along is the 56" wingspan one I'm building using the plans here at FliteTest. The other one is an 8' wingspan that I'm scratch building. I have the wing and elevator/rudders built. Next is the fuselage. I'll post more photos as I progress.
image_5.jpeg image.jpeg


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Crazy Rick's B-25's

Hello folks. It's Crazy Rick again with a little update on the B-25's I'm building. The first photo here is the smaller one which is the same size as the Swappable FliteTest plans. The other photos are of my 8' wingspan scratch build. Got the wings, fuselage & empinage built to the basic step. I'll contour the parts and build the round engine pods soon. image.jpg image.jpg image.jpg


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In for the engineering. Some folks have the idea that DTFB has no limitations. Looking to see how far the limits are pushed here. Even balsa has its limits. Large IMAA models use foam core wings sheeted with balsa and then glassed for strength. They are in the 60-100 pound classes but still... Looking forward to what comes out here.


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Elevator servo. Going rudderless but adding differential thrust.

Regarding the elevator. I read about some not printing out a symmetrical v stab. What I encountered was that the left elevator (right side on plans) was longer than the other. I just shortened that elevator to match the right one. Nothing wrong with the v stab per se.

I am also cheating a little. I'm going to notch the fuse for the elevator throw movement.


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Thank you. A gull wing could look good. This is Ultramicrobe's design. And not your father's B-25. ;-)

In the,1940's Mexico received a dozen or so B-25's. One was used by the Mexican president. One found its way to a a Tijuana tuck-n-roll & hot rod shop. This is the story of that B-25.
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Got her maidened today at Flitefest. No video yet but it flew pretty nicely. Looped and rolled without any difficulty.
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Kept the nose as a souvenir.

She was stripped and given away.


Suffered some damage when she "ran out of air" on some consecutive loops. Smiling Jack....true to form.