1. FishbonesAir

    Avro Lancaster Bomber

    Okay, I'm posting this on behalf of my son, build partner, and fellow Mad Scientist. He and I are, more or less, Pinky and the Brain, in the flesh. I'm Pinky, BTW. Narf! Anyways, he asked me, to ask Flitetest, if they would do a Lancaster Bomber. The Lancaster is his favorite bomber of WWII...
  2. Apple Pie

    Plane Apple Pie's B-25 Mitchell V1

    Here is my take on the venerable B-25 Mitchell bomber from WWII. Approx 1.9 m wingspan (75") built using master series build techniques. This is my first attempt at designing a plane using a combination of Fusion 360, meshmixer, and inkscape. It is not perfectly scale by any stretch of the...
  3. Mid7night

    Plane B-58 Hustler - Quad 70mm EDF Beast --

    This was my "quarantine build" in early 2020, and I'm so happy with how it came out! It's big, about 7ft long and 4ft span, but it actually is a fairly simple build. The fuselage is simplified, square cross section, but its presence in the air is undiminished! Details in the build thread...
  4. Zephyr1

    B-2 Stealth Bomber - 70mm EDF

    This is an incredibly difficult design to make into an RC version. As such, I made a 50mm EDF version first. To test weight and balance and stability. I then moved on and built a 70mm EDF version to make it full scale. Testing the 70mm version didn't go so incredibly well. As such I will be...
  5. Mid7night

    Plane B-52 - 7ft Foamboard EDF v2

    Here are plans for my 7ft span B-52, powered by EIGHT 1106-4500Kv Gremlin motors. It's a pretty simple build, but for more info visit the forum thread!
  6. Pigfarm1403

    Anybody up for a big project Flite Fest East 2018?

    At Flite Fest East 2017 I brought an 8ft wingspan Lancaster bomber to fly at the event. Although it was a lot of fun I did not get the satisfaction of working with a group of people. I have four escs, four b pack motors, lots of battery's, a cnc machine, and a 3D printer. Is anybody interested...
  7. I

    Giant 90" Freehand B-24(+2) Bomber/Streamer Tug Trial

    I got a wild hair... We're having an FPV Fun Fly this weekend at Southridge Park in Fontana, CA on the 11th. I decided to build the biggest multi engine bomber I could so we could all take turns at cutting the streamers in groups. I elected for twin tail, and used dual elevator servos for...
  8. M

    Lancaster bomber

    Hello, I am pretty new to this hobby and have been flying a trainer for just under 6 months now and i came across you fellas on youtube. What i have been looking for is a simple build guide of a Lancaster bomber that i can build with my boys. I am not looking for anything advanced. 4-5ch no...
  9. ultramicrobe

    Swappable B25 Twin-Engine Mitchell Bomber

    There has been a lot of hits to the Article on building the Swappable B25 Twin-Engine Mitchell Bomber So I thought it would be good to start a thread for people making it to show their pictures, videos, any...
  10. M

    Swappable B24 Liberator

    im a huge fan of ww2 aircraft and i have actually had a chance to crawl through a B24. When the B24 was on a bomb run, the P51 was often the warbird of choice when doing a bomber escort. since you already have a P51 built, i thought that you could build a bomber to go along with your warbirds...
  11. Andre

    Twin Bomber Summer 2014

    Finally getting to work on this father son project. Last night we unfortunately saw the demise of the Twin Boomer Project. But do not despair the new bomber is already stealing parts from boomer. For those who recall. Last summer my son and I learned some very big lessons with our first...
  12. mungral

    B-25 Mitchell - No. 18 (NEI) Squadron - Australian bomber Squadron

    A little bit of history for the Aussie flyers. read - enjoy the history
  13. T

    FT Bomber - A B-36 Peacemaker Adaptation

    Josh/David: It would be pretty awesome to see you guys build bombers. My thought was a ridiculously large bomber based on the B-36 Peacemaker that uses foam board and several techniques used on other swappables. It would be awesome to see a bombing run challenge utilizing your creation. I have...