Synergy Box Wing


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Stumbled across this image the other day and did some research and found minimal threads here on the forums and on rcgroups but did find a pseudo 3 view. Decided to put together a chuck glider version and it did surprisingly well.


Edit 2019-01-21
V2 build completed. Details below:

Wingspan: 36"
Length: 23"
Weight: 365g w/o battery (540g w/ 3s 2200)
Motor: Turnigy d2826/6 2200kv w/ 6x4 prop, 40A esc

Plans in Google Drive

v2 Flight video



V1 chuck glider and KFM2 details below:



Working on plans now for a 30” wingspan KFM2 build. Thinking about using a spare 2305 quad motor I have with a 3s 800 or 1300 up front depending on what is needed to balance.

The real one has the rear top panels that rotate and rudders. I’m going to keep it simple and see about elevons on the top rear wing piece or if control linkages become a pain I’ll just put the elevons on the main wing.

Beauty Shot v1.0

v1 Flight video

v1.0 plans attached below (synergy.pdf)


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Cut the first full-size prototype. Keeping it lite and can balance with a 3s 850mah battery and a 2205 motor on the back. Need to figure out where to put the elevons. The full size one has them on the rear top wing. I don’t really want to add servos that far back but if I mount them on the wing at the CG I would need some type of bell crank setup to move everything.

CG should be right at the rear of the KFM step.






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Maybe use elevons on the lower wing but that'd still need servos farther back. All I can think of is making the nose longer.


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How about mounting the servos at the base of the vertical fins. Longer pushrod but keeps the servo further forward.


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Maiden went well. CG was just about spot on. Needed about 4mm of reflex but flew very stable. Flight video added to the first post!

Next up - FT style foldover wing. Also learning sketchup to try and get the center section more curved like the real thing. May go larger also.


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@jpot1 tremendous flight footage! and great project success - keep it up.

I had the same thought 18 months ago. I have had this, including plans from the Manufacturer on my gotta do it list for a couple years). As I don't have quite the "knack" of getting these to fly, I put it off. but I have two plan sets developed for cutting and assembly I put together plans last summer and couldn't get to it. One boxy like yours and the other conical, like you're planing. of course... I can't locate them right now... :sick:

So the petty part of me is mad and jealous as heck. :mad: Mad I didn't get on it. The rest of me is SUPER excited not JUST that you did it, but that it flies So beautifully! :D

I will still put my project, and plans together... as an alternate approach. However, my luck is such as I may not have as much success as you already have.

Keep it up! Can you put the boxy plans out there for us to build?

edit-found the plans... mostly.
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@FoamyDM I had seen one of your posts where you mentioned this plane but then nothing further, so I decided to give it a shot. I have a lot of respect for all of your designs. Plans for what I flew in the video are added to the first post now!

Pics/video please if you build!


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@jpot1 - No worries at all. I am honestly flattered... I seem to have all these project that are on the brink of successful flight... but alas. I LOVE turning these ideas to fruition.

I wish I could get an expert over to my place to help me grok/understand what pieces of design i'm missing. That way I can wind up with your level of success from the start. :) Any "expert" who would like to sit down with me and help me with what I'm missing?:unsure: Bueller... Bueller... Bueller...

I have a ton of photos and information about the plane which I was going to put together. But as my projects around that time (last year) were only in the air for as long as I could throw them, I decided to wait on it until I had a couple projects with successful glide tests at least. I will start the thread now and work on it. Please know I'm not trying to compete with this thread, but more documenting what I have before I get change it up from what you have here. I'll rant/lament on my own pages, sorry. :LOL:

I have printed your v1 plans already. Along with these:

I think tonight I will be cutting tonight and pulling out my iron for shaping.