Hybrid 3D printed / DFTB Intruder


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More progress.


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Just dry fit but going together nicely. Filament as the hinge line for the aileron. You can see the notch in the fuse for the top fin and hstab which will be DTFB to keep weight down.

Hole in wing top will be for the esc wires to pass through the nacelle. Hoping to get that printed tomorrow to confirm everything fits. View attachment 230350
This particular picture reminds me a bit of the Valley of the Winds Anime flyer.


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Very nice. What motor/esc/prop combinations do you recommend? Looks like a great winter project!
Flew nicely on two 2205 2300kv motors with 6x4 props. I use the cheap Racerstar ones from Banggood with 30a escs. One 2200 3s all the way forward to balance cg. Let me know if you have any questions.