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Tape, stickers, paint and foam board. (aka the Finish thread)

Few questions about finish items...

1. What type of tape do you use to do your stripes, and designs and such? Painters tape is too sticky as it pulls apart the foam board.

2. I see some planes out here with pin stripes, or what appears to be stick on colored semi transparent tape instead of paint. What is that and where do you get it?

3. Anybody ever use the 8 1/2 x 11 clear peel and stick sheets from the local office supply store? You can print your own sticker on a color printer and it looks like this would work good. I ask as I have seen them in the store, but have never used this or tried it.

4. Looks like the best way to paint is either very light coats of regular paint, or water paint? Where do you get your water paint. Does water paint hold up for this application? Any techniques you care to share?

Any tips and tricks you want to share? I see some very cool models that some of you have tricked really well.
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1. Frog Tape from Walmart. Stick it to your shirt to lessen the sticky, then place it on your model.
2. I use Tape Brothers colored packaging tape and a sharp razor.
3. Yup. They are easy to apply if warmed first.
4. Very, very light coats of anything.


Fly, yes... Land, no
U-line has colored packing tape. there are also some stripe kits on Flite Tests store.

I use Sharpie on all my planes. So all my artwork is done on the foam, inked on and either a ruler for strait lines or French Curves for the more ornate stuff. I've also made tracing templates out of cardboard for someof the realy crazy lines.