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Taranis Q X7 Gimbal Not Working

I have a Taranis Q X7 that I use to fly my race quads and tiny whoop. I noticed the problem when flying my tiny whoop, after flying forward for a while, it would start to go to the left or right. So I've narrowed it down the the transmitter. When ever I move the pitch forward or backward, the roll also changes when I am not telling it to. Is this an easy fix or should I email banggood (where I bought it from) and ask for a new one?


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Did you bump one of the trims? I did that early on before I had my Taranis. I was so glad to see you can disable them in the open tx settings. That will drive you nuts if you never did it before. you can also look on betaflight or kiss for your real quads and watch the pictorial quad without touching the sticks to figure out fast what axis is drifting.


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Perfect opportunity (excuse ;)) to upgrade to the M7 hall effect gimbals. Unless you already have them, in which case jump through the banggood hoops and get a replacement. If you're patient, the BG support is actually quite good, just don't expect perfect (or even just half bad) English :)
It's definitely not the trims, when I turn the radio on the roll is perfectly centered. It only gets messed up after I touch the pitch. Also not sure if I'm ready to upgrade to new gimbals yet, I'm still a relatively new flier and wouldn't know how to make use of them. I may just have banggood send me a new one if I don't find a solution.


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Check your mixer settings and make sure there is no mix that couples your roll channel to your pitch channel.
It's not a setting that's changed in the config because it isn't a consistent problem, it only happens sometimes, not when I do one particular thing.


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I remember reading of several people using the Qx7 when they first came out having an issue with the connectors not being fully seated on the boards. Its easy enough to open the back of the radio and check them. It also will not void any warranties as you have to open them to adjust the stick tension.