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Taranis Q X7 OpenTX Add A GPS To The Module Bay


OpenTX allows the use of two GPS sensors. So by adding a GPS to the transmitter’s module bay one can track both the pilot’s and the model’s position.

This video and post will be followed by videos and post on using two GPS sensors at once and a modification to my GPS Script to use two GPSs. The last one was by request from a user who does cross country flying and wanted the script to give directions relative to the pilot’s current location instead of the take off location. This one request has lead to the creation of a number different posts and videos and collaboration with the openXsensor project to use compass instead of GPS headings.

Check out the blog post and video.

Stay Safe & Have Fun


Skill Collector
This is very cool! I'm very interested in exploring how this can be used to create some indicator of 'return to home' function for those of us who might get a little lost at times :)
At least one person has already used my gps script to save his plane and return home. He lost sight of it but by listening to the voice prompts he was able to fly home.


Skill Collector
Excellent! I have an FPV wing build coming up very soon and I'll be ordering GPS sensors to try this out on it. :)
Simple question. In the accompanying videos do the pin outs for attaching a GPS sensor in the Tx module bay apply to the Taranis X9D plus?