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Just in from FrSKY!

The new TARANIS X9D PLUS Haptic Vibration Feedback System which provides an alternative feedback system to the existing voice and sound.

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An overview of features
  • Large 212*64 backlit LCD screen
  • Quad ball-bearing gimbals with high quality potentiometers
  • Numerous input controls (4 sticks, 4 trims, 2 sliders, 2 pots, 8 switches), all freely assignable
  • 60 model memories
  • 32 logical channels
  • Internal telemetry-enabled RF module capable of transmitting up to 16 channels, with a refresh rate of 9ms. Supports the existing D8 protocol (useable with all D-type and VxR-II receivers) as well as the new D16 and LR12 modes.
    JR-compatible external RF module slot (no 6V supply) supporting transmission of up to 16 channels (depending on module) in various common protocols (PXX for FrSky modules and PPM for 3rd-party modules). Support for serial DSM2 for DIY
  • Spektrum modules is also present (see the 9x mod guide for details).
  • Mapping of the transmitted channels is free, so once an external module is added you have the choice of either creating a redundant system where the same channels are transmitted via both internal and external RF, transmitting up to 32 independent channels simultaneously, or anything in between.
  • Internal RF (and external RF when an FrSky XJT module is fitted) supports receiver lock (X receivers only) and allows configuring failsafe conveniently from the radio with 3 modes: Hold, Stop pulses, Custom positions (only available with X-series receivers, D and V-II series use the usual receiver button press).
  • Telemetry with 3 customisable screens and fully configurable speech announcements, supports existing receivers and sensors as well as new Smart Port sensors. Configurable metric or imperial units. Integrated audio variometer (sensor required on the model). Data logging can be enabled on the supplied microSD card.
  • Selectable stick mode (1-4), totally free output channel assignment.
  • 2 timers, values can be stored when the radio is powered off
  • 64 mixers
  • 9 flight modes
  • 16 custom curves with 3-17 points each, freely definable x coordinates
  • 32 logic switches
  • Standard JR-type 3.5mm trainer jack (PPM signal on tip, ground on sleeve, compatible with both mono and stereo plugs, ring unused if present), capable of receiving up to 8 channels as input, and sending up to 16 channels when configured as output. Master/slave mode and signal parameters are conveniently stored separately for each model.
  • OpenTX companion Windows/Mac/Linux software to save, edit and share your models and settings as well as simulate your model setup
  • USB connection for firmware upgrades, microSD card and OpenTX companion access
  • Sticks can be calibrated by the end user
  • Multiple language support: English, French, Italian, German, Swedish, Spanish, Portuguese, Czech, and maybe yours if you contribute with your own translation file! (Radio comes in English language, reflashing is needed to change language)
  • Open source community-driven firmware, so unlike with major manufacturers if you need a special function or have good improvement suggestions just raise your voice, and don't be surprised if it's implemented a couple of days later! Visit http://www.openrcforums.com to meet the developers!

A great radio for the price! :cool:
Click here for more info

What are your thoughts?
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@eagle4: As far as I know, the main differences are: different/newer LCD screen with different colors for better visibility outdoors, and haptic feedback instead/in addition to the voice feedback.

I'm a bit hard of hearing, so I appreciate the haptic feedback feature!


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FlyingMonkey, I am very happy with this radio. I ran out of model spots on my trusty dx6i, and this is just way more advanced. That said, it did tale me a few hours of fiddling to configure my first model. I'm also not very happy about the quality of the orangerx modules from hk. The dsm2/x module requires you to manually change the protocol depending on the rx you need to connect to. Try frsky rx's are good though. Especially for multirotors, it's easy to do a range test because the frsky rx's give rssi telemetry.


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It's ok Kurt. This one was started by a vendor who is discreetly advertising they have this product. I don't think it's meant to take away from your thread.


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I see they never respond. I'm not protective over my thread, I just try to keep things organized and not a dozen threads about one radio.
From Dave at Hobby Wireless

Hello Kurt, I am sorry that you have not gotten a response. We have undergone some positive changes. My name is Dave and I will be taking over the Forum. To answer your question; we are not attempting to take over your thread. We are just very excited about the Taranis and all the cool features it offers. Let's share information so that we can make things better.