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Help! TBS Crossfire and 1.3ghz video

I tried looking for an appropriate place for my question. If this is the wrong place, please have an Admin move my question.

So...i have the full TBS Crossfire tx with an 8 channel TBS Diversity rx. I want to put this into my 49" wing (details on that later). I also have a complete 1.3ghz fpv system. I was told that i cant use these two together but i dont understand why. Another dilemna would be that id like to be able to fly this setup while my Dad is flying with his 2.4ghz radio but ive been told that the 1.3ghz video will stomp on the 2.4ghz transmitters because that video is in the middle of the 2.4ghz band.

What kind of info can you guys offer me?


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That really doesn't make sense at all unless you have some really non-compliant 1.3Ghz gear. Where did you get that information? TBS Crossfire works in the 900Mhz range, and 2.4Ghz is no where near 1.3Ghz either. Just make sure you have adequate separation between the antennas. If you don't have it already, You should really get a HAM Technicians license when using this gear as well. Having a good working knowledge of radio theory and laws is a really good idea.

Make sure you have the appropriate 1.3Ghz gear for your region. Some vendors have been selling non-compliant gear that can get you into big trouble if used on the wrong frequencies.

I'm quite confident that my 1.3ghz gear is compliant. I bought it from Stone Blue Airlines, a few years ago.

There was a fella on a Facebook group that said that my Dad (with his DX6i) wouldn't be able fly at the same time if I have my 1.3ghz video system in the air but his explanation was daft and I didn't understand what he meant, hence the reason why I'm asking here, lol.

When you say to have adequate separation between the antennas, which antennas are you referring to? Are you referring to my TBS Crossfire Diversity rx antenna and the 1.3ghz vtx antenna? If those are the antennas you are talking about, there will be about 40" of separation on my 49" wing.

As for the HAM Technician's license, no worries there! I have it. I'm not interested in any sort of "trouble" while being out flying. I have enough trouble with those pesky "jumping trees" getting in my way. I don't need Johnny Law (or worse) giving me grief, lol


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If they interfere with each other its a power thing not a frequency thing. Proximity to each other will be the issue. Think the old over the air TV when truckers and CB's would "Step on" your signals and you would hear them talking thru your tv. (yeah I just seriously dated myself here)

Antenna choice will be a deciding factor on the wing. I would do a range check and drive out various distances from the ground station and have your helper wiggle sticks on the radio or if he is the runner with the plane to spin the wing in circles at each point to make sure there are no dark spots where signal will be lost. Standard ground range checks at launch site are general attempts at this. Actual range is the only way to know for sure.

If you wanted you could take both systems along for the ride and see how compatible they are as well if you are worried.