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Telemaster with swappable powerpod

Found this Telemaster plan on Outerzone. I love the look of this plane, especially the big ones.


I modeled it up with a FT PowerPod, 1345mm wingspan. I've actually almost got the plane finished so I'll post pictures later. I built the thrust angles into the powerpod mounting plate, so we'll see how that works. Everything is exactly like the plan except in my build I added undercambered wing tips. I also changed the tail slightly so I wouldn't have to notch the elevator.

Fullscreen capture 9302013 113231 AM.jpg

Fullscreen capture 9302013 122134 PM.jpg

Fullscreen capture 9302013 122439 PM.jpg

Fullscreen capture 9302013 122621 PM.jpg

Fullscreen capture 9302013 122615 PM.jpg

Fullscreen capture 9302013 123041 PM.jpg
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Maiden yesterday. Gorgeous weather here in Southern Michigan for flying. This plane flies great. It absolutely floats. I'm going to replace the under-cambered tips with washout by adding some extra foam, to see how that works. The built in side and down-thrust is perfect.

Motor - 1200KV Hobbyking Link
Battery - Zippy 1800 3S or 1500 4S. The 4S is incredible, the plane just flies vertical as long as you hold the throttle open!
ESC - 25A Plush Hobbyking - Link
Right now I have a 10x6 APC prop on it, normally using an 8x4 with this setup

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Hey Wes, is there any chance that you could give me a link to the plans for your foamie version? I am still inept at Sketchup, and I just killed my Sensei in a radio lock out. That would be very much appreciated.

EDIT: Did you use that Lifting Stabilizer in the plans?
I build my foamie's using a 3D modeling app called Silo. For this Telemaster I imported the PDF plans (I downloaded from the link in the first post in this thread) as a JPG into Silo as an image plane, modeled up the plane in Silo, then I transfer the parts to foam from the computer, point by point. It works really well. I'll post the 3D model as an OBJ file it stands now on this post. You should be able to import OBJ's into pretty much any modeling app. You can also get a demo copy of Silo, it's a really terrific polygon modeling app.



I really should use SolidWorks, but I'm not as proficient in that as I am in Silo currently.
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Cool, Thank you very much. I will try to convert it into something printable.

Yeah, those can be difficult to trim out. But it seems to have worked out ok for you!
I didn't get a chance to try flaperons. I gave the sticks to a new to RC friend who promptly put it nose first into the ground at full throttle. Wing and tail are still in good shape :)
At least, it used to... sorry to hear that. Are you making him rebuild it? Might inspire a new builder.
Nah. As much as I like this plane it is kind of boring to fly after building the Spitfire. So I probably won't rebuild it. I did make some design changes to my 3D model after building it. Beefing up the tail of the fuselage a little bit.

My other trainer that I built based on the Aero Star was a lot more fun to fly but I love the look of the Telemaster.