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TGY-i6 Custom painting.

I recently had a crack at painting my Tx because it's relatively cheap and there wasn't much to lose. Not really happy with the end result, the front is really quite bad but the back looks nice, thought I'd post pics anyway. I sprayed 2 coats with gloss white and 2 coats of clear to finish it off, if I had to do it again i would definitely go for a complete disassembly, I only took apart what was necessary which didn't allow for that great of a job. I would also recommend waiting a loooong time before putting it back together, like 2-3 days long. I put mine back together just a day after the last clear coat and it was still sticky sometimes and fingerprints showed up, anyway here it is!:




There are a couple areas where it is thicker than i would have liked and where it has stained from dust/dirty hands etc, tell me what you think :)



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That's not too awful bad for a first try. Depending on the lighting it almost looks to be carved from bone or ivory. The nice thing is depending on what paint you used that may peel off in one sheet over time if you did not use primers nor scratch up the surface a bit to bond to. I feel you with the clear coating though. I redid a guitar a while back and that clear to nearly a week to cure properly but I am sure my clear is way way thicker then you put on that radio.
After 3 months I am regretting this a lot, it started to tinge quite bad yellow and it shows the dirt a lot, I would recommend against white.


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Do you have access to a sand blaster? Complete disassembly, sand blasting the paint off, and then repainting could be a fun project and you;d probably get better results with your lessons learned.


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I made myself a plague doctor mask a while back and painted it white, it got a lots of cracks and dirt but now it looks a bit like ceramic (like the one I based mine on) so I think this could be a desirable effect if it's what you want, I might do that to mine now that you showed yours.
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