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Thanks for having me! Glad to be a member of the community. (Also, quick question)


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Nice to meet everyone, thank you in advance for the greetings! I'm a long time enthusiast of the youtube channel and I love RC in general.

I am starting on my first RC FPV venture, and I plan to start off by building a Gremlin. I plan to order a power pack with the hyperion 600TVL standard option camera, and I would like to pair this with a beginner level FPV goggle set "EACHINE VR-007 Pro 5.8G 40CH FPV Goggles" (amazon link below)

Is there any particular reason why this wouldn't be compatible? Is there a suggestion from the community for a FPV headset that would perhaps work better for the gremlin out of the box? Any information would be helpful, thank you so much for welcoming me to the community finally.

edit** Amazon link as promised
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Hello and welcome. I too am thrilled about building the Gremlin. I received mine a couple weeks age and finally got the board to talk to my computer. We have a few Gremlin threads already started that can offer some insight. Be sure to check them out. Let us know if you can't find any.

When you order, do not forget you will need a receiver and possibly a charger.

Have you flown anything before? Do you have any family or friends in the hobby with you?

As for the goggles, I can't comment on those but there are plenty in the forum, I suspect someone will advise you on that soon.

Looking forward to the progress.


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Welcome to FT mate.

I have just completed a Gremlin using Josh B's delrin frame. These things are a blast so far. I also got the Hyperion camera and have to be honest.. I am not really impressed. First they are more commonly set up a touch out of focus from what I have read and experienced so far. I managed to get enough glue of mine that I could change the focus but its untested until tomorrows flights. It looks better then it was sitting static in my living room. The first time I flew it I was not really happy on its video settings. I think the contrast is to high and the brightness too low. Anything not bright sunshine makes the video get blocky really fast in the goggles as well as dvr footage. I will put it thru its paces tomorrow with a wider range of settings in my goggles as well as the better focuing before I go full on against a recommendation.

For now you can see one of the first outside flight recordings I did.