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That one plane

Does anybody have that one plane that they keep grounded because of small excuses you tell yourself? Like that brand new scratch built you just made, or that big investment plane that is worth most of your life savings?

I find that i do this all the time, lol, and was wondering if I'm the only crazy person out there.

Mike oxbig

15% nitro is my cologne
Oh boy, I used that for a long time with a few planes.

When I got my first nitro, a used hanger 9 pulse 40 in mint condition, it sat in the hanger a year. I had the eflite minipulse as my main flyer and was pretty proficient with it but I was just plain intimidated by the size and noise of the plane. I fired it up a few times and got too nervous and would put it away. After I finally got the courage to maiden it I kicked myself for waiting so long as it flew great and was even easier to fly than its little brother. I flew it every chance I could get until unfortunately I wrecked it after a dead stick forced me into a canola field. I broke the fuse in half, trashed one wing and basically thrashed it too bad to fix.

It took me a long time after that to fly something bigger than a park flyer but I realized that you can't fly and not expect to crash. If a plane is too nice to crash than I won't buy it.
Thats unfortunate, it took me forever to fly my first kit build, started building it in middle school, then flew it senior year.
But right now I bought a plane for an amazing deal, its a never flown, Great Planes Gene Soucy Extra 300. Came with a brand new os 1.60 (scary) and even an old fm radio (old technology but still 6ch and computer). It was an arf but came prebuilt when i bought it. $300

Im confident with my flying. I can fly patterns if i want and i can do the normal aerobatics. I can land where need be in all conditions. But this one plane has me so worried for some reason. I really don't have an excuse not to fly it, except i took a servo out so i don't get any crazy ideas.:cool:

Mike oxbig

15% nitro is my cologne
If I was in your shoes I'd fly it. A 1.60 size bird is too big to be a static model. ;)

Besides you rarely wreck the motor when crashing. If you don't have any time building it and you crash you can pulls the goodies out of it and get a new airframe and still be ahead of the game at the price you paid.

What really got me to get over losing a plane was my father in law. He's pretty much taught me all I know about rc flying and still is teaching me every time we fly. That was his advice about flying planes. He flys big gassers that are worth more than my truck and wrings every last bit of performance out of them when he flys. I told him that I couldn't fly something that big for fear of crashing. He told me that they are meant to fly and that if you fly long enough you crash. You can't be afraid of crashing or you'll never really advance in this hobby. It also let's you practice your building skills when you repair them.
you father in law sounds like my uncle, he's always getting the bigger and better planes. i guess i just like seeing it and knowing that its my nicest plane. maybe i will fly it soon and ill post the maiden on here. But first i need to fly my new float plane that i built this winter. And find out where i put that servo. really nice metal gear corless servos also came with it.

Ak Flyer

Fly the wings off
Take lots of pictures so you will remember it, then go out and enjoy it. It's not worth having if you don't fly it. As long as you keep it up high you can enjoy it for years. The only reason you'll lose it is if you do things you know you shouldn't.
or if it deadsticks in an akward position or something, idk its just one of those things, i know that i will do just fine, just waiting for that perfect flying day i guess.

Am i the only one with this problem? hahaha


Propaganda machine
I got an RC Lander F9F-8 as a freebie from Hobbyking. It's such a beautiful plane, but I've let it sit there because I'm intimidated by its size and my lack of experience landing EDFs (with wheels, anyway). I've aided myself in resisting it by not buying a battery for it. I'm probably perfectly capable of flying it and keeping it in one piece, but it's a serious piece of kit...