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ThatPolishHotdog - YT Channel Releases

Didn't want to spam the section with posts, so here is my release video thread. I post weekly (quarantine = lots of free time:LOL:), so watch if you want, and feel free subscribe if you like my content. Feedback is always welcome, so please, tell me what you want to see! Thanks!

Anyways, here's the latest vid. Hope you enjoy!

Thanks, and oh it's my favorite FT plane to date. If you do a night flier, please post because that would be sooo cool. I'm running a stock Power Pack C with 8x4.7. It has unlimited vertical on 3s, but once the LHS opens, I'm getting 8x6 to see how far I can push it.
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+1 on the durability. My Bronco uses 2812-1534 motors with counter rotating 7x6 APC props. With a 2200 3S battery it is a rocket, but very stable. Love the sound of the twin motors.
Ok - the motors I’m using are supposed to swing 10 inch props so 9 inch will work fine. 10 inch props won’t leave enough clearance for the fuselage, right?
I think 10 inch would be too big. Flite Test suggests 8x4.5 on a B Radial or 370-420 sized motor. I had the 2812s with the 7x6 props so that's what I used.