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That's one more in the hobby

Some of you may recall that I have already taught two of my friends to fly but one more of my friends absolutely stunned me...

So I gave him a briefing on how the controls worked as well as all the necessary tips for flying a quad (Cheerson cx10) then gave him the controller and watched as he nearly hit another of my friends then succeeded in flying strait into my chest, basically he had a hard time seeing witch way the quad was pointed witch is fair enough so I gave him control of my hexacopter expecting similar results the other guy flat out didn't come outside and I held a boogie board for protection but to our shock he took off flew forwards then came back and landed in a professional fashion! In no more than three minutes he was doing circuits then figure eights!

The speed at witch he learnt was amazing in fact if you were to see him fly you'd think he had a good couple of weeks under the belt but he actually has half an hour total flight time!