The 1/2A Streaker

Dick Russ

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Hello my friends. back in 1975 I designed and sold one of our models called the RC 1/2A Streaker, I designed it for the COX .049 and .051 engine. We sold over 200 kits and it was just a joy to build and great to fly. It is now 46 years later and I have decided to produce the kit again only with some improvement to the kit. The kit may be purchased through PayPal to my account : The price is $79.95 plus $12.70 which brings the cost total to $92.65 which include shipping and handling. I am attaching a few photos for your perusal. It has a 35 inch wing span and weighs in at 19 ounces. Even though I designed it for the Cox engines, a 120W motor should be an improvement in performance.
Thanking you in advance,
Dick Russ


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