The Fish

SSgt Duramax

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This looks like a great design. I had seen a write-up on this a while back and I had thought about building one. Although I wanted a pusher set up for my daughter so I skipped it. I think after the "pelican" bites the dust I will build one of these, or something similar at least.

Trouble is, when my daughter goes into the ground it is usually nose first at full throttle. She panics when she starts to lose it and doesn't think to throttle back.


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Might think about the basic explorer pusher style: lots of nose to smash, and the prop is shielded from everything including launch hands. And big floaty style aircraft don't speed up as much in a power dive
The kids and I have had a lot of fun learning RC planes with "The Fish". Here is a video of the kids explaining our latest design changes.

Love it! Problem solving at its best. Flies like a kite. There couldn't be a better project for tech-minded kids. (y)