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There should be a warning label!


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Yeah boy! Always a struggle not to add just one more to the fleet. Love the variety you have!







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Someone in the addiction would look at your fleet there and think... Nice aircraft but, I don't see a float plane, biplane, or a warbird.

Kidding aside, that composite glider looks sleek. DLG?

Jim - that's a 2-meter ALES ship. I think HobbyKing sells them as something called a "Sigma". Very nice powered glider that is probably the cheapest kevlar/carbon one that I've seen. Fantastic performance: straight up climbs, good thermal, good aerobatics, 45 min flights (with lift) on a 1000mah battery.

nwnugget, I'm fitting floats on the FunCub this summer. Might do the same with the Steven's Aero Shaft-400 (the pink one).

Of course, the day before yesterday a buddy sold me 3 old-school DLGs. So...this picture is already a bit dated...



Wake up! Time to fly!
You can easily control your building and spending. Just take the money you would have spent on new things and donate it to the Save the Bill foundation care of Flite Test. They will forward it to me and I will put it to good use and use your name as a sponsor.

That goes for the rest of you lot worried over hobby expenditures as well. :p


Knower of useless information
LOL this is starting to look like my father's collection - He's got a 1909 park flyer (which has yet to be finished), a UMX Radian mini glider, his Apprentice, an $1100 sailplane which still has to be built, and something called a "Mister Mulligan", which is a large plane that looks like a cross between the Spirit of St. Louis and a Piper Cub? (Sorry, my knowledge of planes is relegated to mostly jets - I can rattle off the F-14, the MiG-23, F-16, F-15, F-22 and F35, Harrier, etc. but ask me about prop planes and I'll go, "I dunno...Is it a Cessna?")

Just wait - if you hit up something like the AMA Expo or FliteFest or Joe Nall, you'll find out pretty quick that you haven't got ANYTHING in the way of flying vehicles LOL