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Pumpkin drop event

Throttle Sensitivity

I have tried looking around, I don't know of the correct keywords to use but...

I just finished my first tricopter build and it looks like sex! i made nice foam landing gear so its a nice build for training. Though I'm having this problem where taking off isn't bad but landing it, is soo difficult cause the throttle is so sensitive, so does anyone know how to fix this problem with the kk2 board, how do I get a nice smooth landing? thanks a bunch :)

link me to a current thread or reply here, that would be great thanks :)


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throttle curve can work in most heli modes on radios, but they're also easy to futz up -- YMMV.


Drop the stick scaling on your throttle by 20% or so. you'll hover at a higher throttle, but it'll spread the throttle you would use over a longer throw of the stick (making it a little easier to find the happy center).
Thanks a ton Dan! I'll try it out after I fix it up, from the mutiple crashes cause of this issue, I just need to learn to fly for now and then il probs put back the settings to a more sensitive point

Once again thanks! :D :applause:


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Good luck with it Vudu!

IMO the trick to learning throttle managment on rotorcraft is in learning a sable hover. once you've got that, everything else is down to keeping orentation.

Finding that hover sweetspot is hard -- darn hard -- Mostly becasue you've got to hit that sweetspot when it's motionless.

Keep in mind, gravity is a force and those rotors are mearly cancling it at hover throttle -- it will still retain any momentum it prevoiusly had, including built up vertical speed. When it's not keeping altitude (up or down) you'll have to cancel the momentum first by overshooting the hoverspot and coming back as the airframe comes to a stop -- the heavier the airframe, the more momentum you'll have to cancel.

Even with self level, the platform will still need to be flown, so you should expect to hunt for the perfectly still hover.
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I think with any vehicle the most critical control to master is the throttle.

If you stick the landing and the copter still rebounds off the ground all on its own, try lowering P gain.