Time to get your turkeys lined up - Thanksgiving build-off!

The Hangar

Fly harder!
Happy November 1st to the ft community! We have a lot to be thankful for, particularly for flitetest, the FTCA, and everything they have done and are doing for the hobby. I think it’s only appropriate that we show our thankfulness by revisiting an old classic design, the fowl flyer.


The original fowl flyer, which made it’s debut 10 years ago in 2011 can be seen here:

A year later FT released plans for a smaller swappable version that’s made for a C pack. The plans can be found at the end of this build article:


Time to start preparing the plans, thanksgiving is just 3 weeks away! Feel free to start building as soon as you want, and completed builds plus flight video should be posted by the end of the month.