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Timing FPV First Flights, DJI Phantom, Fatshark Attitude V2

Well, I have started, two successful flights. Wow!

Two problems: loosing contact behind some trees; and loosing track of time. The trees thing was just dumb, I knew better. Anyway, the Phantom, God bless it, flew home as advertised. LESSON: know my local blind spots, and memorise how to regain control.

Loosing track of time. I don't have an OSD and the tx doesn't have a timer, plus my eyes are inside the goggles. I have to work solo. So there is no-one around to be able to help me with this.

Thinking about it I realised I wanted to be able to monitor the progress of time, almost like an audible countdown.

Anyway, MY dumb solution has been to use music, I went into my iTunes put all the 'songs' in 'time' order; and selected a dozen tracks, mostly classical that last around 7'30". So when Chopin';s Nocturne in G minor finishes I know that I need to land, plus because I know it so well I can remain conscious of the progress of time. Pairs of 'pop' songs, if they were long enough, would obviously achieve the same thing. Prog-rock seems to have a couple also eg. A Perfect Circle, The Package. Anyway now its on my phone.

I also have to avoid 'bothering' the next doors' horse. Some of you Americans may perhaps have some good advice on that one. :) At the moment I am trying not to fly if she is in the paddock; or, if I must, then I go straight up and then head away from her. She doesn't seem to mind.