Tinyhawk arm switch issue


I got a Tinyhawk as a first "deep dive" (no pun intended) into FPV and, admittedly, might have made a mistake. following a youtube video, I attempted to use the transmitter as a usb device for simulators. Only thing is, I unplugged the quad BEFORE turning off usb hid cdc mode. After a day and a half of researching, I was finally able to flash firmware/CLI dump the settings back to factory. Now I cant seem to arm the quad in field or in config, despite the ranges and modes being correctly set. On one battery, my OSD gives me a BATT<FULL warning, while another gives a PREARM warning. Even if im able to get past the warnings, a red light flashes when i move throttle up from 0. JUST got new turtle mode props in and i'd love to use them so any advice would be greatly appreciated!