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Tinyhawk freestyle - issues

I was flying my quad today, and in middle of a turn my motors just shut down and the quad tumbled out of the sky. I inspect it, all props spin freely and everything appears to be in order. So I put it up again and no issues for 2 min until I do a flip or two and same issue, motors just shut down. So I put it on my bench, and arm it with no props on. The motors spin and I move sticks around everything seems fine, but then the motors just shut down again.
Anyone know what could be wrong?
What I need to do to troubleshoot?

new to fpv any help is appreciated.


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I am getting a tinyhawk freestyle as well. I am just taking a guess, I think it might have to do with your esc's. If you know how to upload firmware with blheli, you should try to reinstall it. You might be pulling too many amps if you are using too big of a battery.
Using the batteries that came with it, no idea how to use BLheli. And it has an all in one esc with motors direct soldered to board.


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My thoughts are either heat or signal loss/failsafe. How far away are you from your quad? Did it have its motors cut when you were in roughly the same location in flight?

It's more likely heat, but I don't want to rule out signal interference either...


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I would echo the above, that’s a clear failsafe. It happens because the SPI receiver on the flight controller is not very good. The one on my Larva X was so bad it barely flew 30m. I put an XM+ on my Larva, it’s transformed now, range is not a problem.
The board on the Eachine is very similar to the Happymodel one, I would start by checking the antenna for damage and look at getting the RSSI in your OSD so you can see what the signal is like.
Fitting a decent micro receiver off the board will fix the failsafe issue.
The ESC’s on the micro boards have two states, working and dead. Usually when they fail one or two will get smoked, not a whole set. I have never overheated that set up, I have 4 quads with it on, all of which I have flown a lot.