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Tip Of The Spear


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Yea I ran the a similar set up on the original Spear with a 3536 1200Kv and a 9x6 prop. The only difference on the 80% Spear was an 8x6. Plus the fact I made it an AET set up with the tail section hoping to stabilize it. Didn't work out for me. I am happy it worked out for you but unfortunately I won't be making a third. I will be moving into a different wing, haven't decided if it's the Versa because it's a tractor or the Goblin yet. What I am looking for is a good cam platform, and honestly I don't want the Versa because the prop is out front.
you can make the Versa wing as a tractor or as a pusher. Take a look at the build vedio
Mine just happens to be a tractor and I fly it with a "C" pack V2 and either a 3 or 4 S with a 9 X 4.7
If it was a pusher I would think you would need a lot of weight up front to get CG


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That's what I am finding with the pusher wings is the do take a lot of weight to stabilize them somewhat. I have been looking at the Goblin and I think I might want to try that. I might upscale for a larger motor but the will see. I also have a few other build in mind before I return to the wing idea, I haven't decided yet


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Most wings designed to be a pusher will have more sweep, moving the wing area aft, putting the center of lift closer to the existing CG. Of all the FT flying wings the Versa has the least sweep, so it is most susceptible to tail-heaviness in a pusher configuration


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These are images I pulled off a google search for the punisher skull, here are some of the ones I got...
punisher outline 2 v2.jpg punisher outline 2 v3.jpg punisher outline 2.jpg
I just print them off, tape them to some card stock like a cereal box, cut them out with a hobby knife and use them as a stensil over and over again. Hope this helps


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On the fuse I peeped the paper off the outside and laminated poster board on, then clear packing tape over top to seal it from moisture. The wing and fins are black DTFB with packing tape over top
I think I would have pancaked it in at the beginning!
I think scaling it up helped it fly more stable, moving the CG back was a good option. You should try it since you were wondering if you could fly it. Let me know if it works for you