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Tip: REALLY GOOD magnets for your RC projects

I'm sure a few of us have a few old hard disks lying around. Well, before you toss them to the electronic recyclers (or the trash can), you might want to think about extracting the magnets out of them. They are SUPER efficient neodymium rare earth magnets, and they are SUPER strong.

We know there are quite of few applications in RC land that call for some good magnets, so we thought we would share this.

Here's a quick video to show you how to get them. You can also google this and there are a ton of these howto's splattered around the net.

Happy flying.


Propaganda machine
Cool. I've got a heap of magnets from burnt out electric motors. Some blunt force trauma to the outside of the bell usually loosens up the epoxy that they're stuck in there with... You occasionally crush one but usually they pop out happily.


Senior Member
The strength of these varies, but I think they're stronger i newer/faster drives. Recently slaughtered a bunch when HK was out of magnets. Problem can be the piece of alu they're glued to - know a good way to remove them without breaking the magnet?