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IDEA FOR FLITE FEST COMPETITION [diy rc skydiver contest]

[competition overview] One thing I like to do is design and build RC skydivers, but I haven't seen many other people building them. So I was thinking that people could design their own RC skydivers and have a landing accuracy competition at flite fest. How it would work is we would use a drone or RC cargo plane [this may present a problem since I don't have either] to carry 3 skydivers at a time up into the air, The skydivers would be dropped and the pilots would fly them down. There would be a large target on the ground and the closest skydiver to the bulls eye wins. there would be a few rounds depending on how many people participate.
All types of skydivers are welcome. Any canopy type is welcome: rectangular [ram air] , vented round [Para commander style and easiest to make], Rogallo wing canopies [an example would be the Irving delta 2 parachute] or even vented cruciform [ the easiest to make]. your skydiver doesn't even have to be controllable

[How do I make an RC skydiver anyway????] The good news is its actually not that complicated. First, you should probably understand how a round or cruciform parachute works [how it moves] here is a video that explains the basics.

I will post a tutorial video for making a simple rc skydiver.

If you have any questions or suggestions about this idea. feel free to reply to this thread.

both pictures are of vented round rc
skydiving parachutes