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  1. PlanesAndThings

    Solved *Solved

    I am in need of a very cheap RC TRainer plane and I'm not that keen on scratchbuilding as I'm low on glue. Something under 75$, and small. Does anyone have a suggestion of which plane I should get? Thanks in advance!! If you can read this, you can eat a cookie :>
  2. C

    Recommended Setup for X-UAV Talon

    Would be interested to hear what your full electronic setup would be for the below. Taking it as it comes adding everything required to get RTF. i.e; Motor, battery, ESC, Prop etc. Working off this: Here Thanks!
  3. C

    Help Needed

    I am looking to get this fixed wing for our school cadet force. They will be learning on simpler systems but we'd love to get one of the below. Could anyone help with directing us to everything we'd need to get this flying with the end aim of using it as a sort of surveillance drone. We're in...
  4. A

    Drone usage now and possible usage in the future (survey) + A couple of little stories about my Eachine X220

    Hello there! I am doing a project work on drone usage now and in the future and am searching for input because Reddit has been kind of hesitant on providing it and I thought that this would be a good and fairly diverse community to survey. Here is the link if you decide to do it...
  5. R

    Testing my new ImmersionRC Vortex MOJO! VLOG 18

    Last week I received my Vortex mojo! I decided to test it out at one of my favorite freestyle spots!
  6. P

    FPV Racing Drone RTF Prebuilt for Spektrum with extra motor - For Sale!

    https://www.ebay.com/itm/253234742312?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 I am trying to sell my quad because I want to focus more on fixed wing flying. I love my Tiny Whoop but the 5" stuff is just to nerve wracking, so if your looking for a really premium quad thats already...
  7. TJ@FT

    Flite Test starts doing custom quad builds

    Just wanted to share out an awesome thing I'm pretty excited about. We've (Ian and myself) built a couple hundred quads for people over the last year but it is finally official and much easier to get things rolling. Entire goal is to just let people know the service is available. Kicking off...
  8. aashabah

    Diving into quads

    Hello everyone, Over the past couple months, I have become extremely addicted to the quad racing and freestyle scene. Currently the only outlet I have to get my quad fix is zipping around with the little Eachine E10C. Before I get started, I will say that I have been doing a ton of research...
  9. L

    Rtf/Arf Race quad

    Hi, Two months ago i got a Self stabilizing quadcopter and i loved it. Now i want to get deeper in These things. I am Looking for an rtf /Arf Racing quad. Something up to 300- 350 €.:cool: Thanks
  10. B

    RTF or Build

    For my second quad, what will be cheaper? To buy ready to fly quads or to build one. I've never build one before. Also links to specific quads would be great. I would really like to to be able to hold a camera to take pictures and video. Thanks
  11. C

    The ALL new RTF FPV Smargle 1 quadcopter from FUAV

    Hello Flite Test group, My name is Craig and I am here to inform you of this awesome new quadcopter from FUAV, a China based company. I am representing FUAV in the United States. And wanted to share this awesome product to be released in Mid-August to September 2015. A little about...
  12. C

    Titan Tricopter - RTF - Plus a lot of extras

    I'm selling a 100% ready to fly (RTF) Titan Tricopter plus a lot of extras. This tri is a very clean build and a blast to fly...controls are locked in and stable. Here is what's on the tricopter build: ($450) -TITAN Tricopter Frame (booms have been reinforced with wooden dowels) -kk2.1.5...
  13. R

    LF Quads to start my family fling

    Hello, I am looking to get my wife and myself into FPV flying as cheep as possible. We both are new to the the Hobby I have bought an AR parrot 2.0 and its fun but not the experience I expected it to be with such limited range. My wife loves making new videos out of the FPV we get from the AR...
  14. T

    Any suggestions for a good all in one rtf fpv multirotor?

    Hi! I am new to this hobby and have never had a multirotor before, and I am looking for one within a budget of about up to £150 or so (I don't know what that would be in dollars, just something not too expensive). I am lokking for something that can be flown indoors and out, so not too big or...
  15. A

    insight from a newbie(never flown rc before)... or a review for the Super Cub DSM

    let me start out by saying I love flight. I have a computer setup for MS flight simulator that has taken years to put together. However it was missing something for me.I want that opportunity to fly around outdoors enjoy real weather and maybe when i am better join a flying club or something...
  16. H

    Mini Super Cub

    I recently got the Mini Super Cub from HobbyZone, but I haven't had any chance to fly it yet, which is a pity, need to get back into the hobby. Does anyone else own one? Flight characteristics, anything?
  17. B

    Duet or the Champ RTF for first plane?

    Hey I am new to the forums and am really wanting to get into RC planes. I am trying to get a decent priced starter plane. I am looking at getting either the Champ or the Duet RTF for my first plane. I noticed that Horizon Hobby carries both planes for under $100. I was wondering which plane you...