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To all texans


Amateur Extra Class K5TWM
Look at this list of what he has authored, He is just looking for press coverage for himself, Make a big deal of something to get the news media to give him visibility:


A total Id10T who should be expelled from the Texas for life. Texas needs to implement a very rigid immigration policy against STUPID!

As a side note this would not directly apply to me anyway since I fly over my own private land.

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Wow, that guy is a press whore! What an insipid resume of legislation. I'm sure those are all fine people worthy of accolades, but at least do something meaningful if you are elected to office!
And the dominoes fall.....we have a habit of shooting disagreeable politicians here in TEXAS......you stepping in what i'm dropping? What? Yeah I'm pissed and a libertarian, ain't the governments job to p.c. regulate squat in my personal life. All I need them to do is protect the border and boy let me tell you they done one hell of a job at that.


God blessed Texas. Then God unleashed typical politicians upon Texas. The politicians obviously don't remember the anti-littering slogan, "Don't Mess with Texas." But then, like all politicians, they were elected by Texans.

Ever see that show, Newsroom on HBO? There was an episode where they made reference to the electability of the stupid. Sad, but true.

Not bad, I started with a song from Little Texas and ended with a song from Metallica. I'm pretty impressed with myself.
Totally have Sad but True stuck in my head now.....nothing a little pandora fix can't handle.....I really am rather upset over this but lets be honest, this pales in comparison to some of the other personal freedoms and liberties we are at risk losing or seeing irrevocably altered in the coming days. America is being neutered and nobody seems to give a flying damn.