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To the Josh's and crew

I just wanted to thank you guys for taking the time to make this great series, website, and place where fellow enthusiasts can go to communicate. As corny as it sounds it was the Flitetest youtube series that inspired me to get involved in the hobby. Your genuine love of the hobby, knowledge, and willingness to interact with the fanbase, as well as the community here on the forums, says a lot to me about this new hobby I'm getting into. I really appreciate all the work Josh, Josh, and the rest of the crew (sorry I don't know names) put into making all the videos and articles. If I'm coming across as a bit too enthusiastic...it's because I am (lol). Due my physical limitations from my injuries I sustained in Iraq, I have not had many hobbies to distract myself. It's been a very rough few years since I left active duty, and I'm hoping that this new hobby will get me involved in what appears to be a great community of people. So again, thanks! :cool:


Welcome to the forum, Aces! And thank you for your service!

Do you have your eyes on any particular plane, heli or rotor as a first one?


Elemental Madness
I think he should go fixed wing, it's the only way to fly! :D
BTW, Mr. Aces_high offered to help out The CarbonFlite Project with his knowledge of search and rescue operations!
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I'm working on getting my Firebird Stratos up into the air, probably early next week. And as Carbon pointed out, I'll be helping out the Carbon Flite team with my knowledge of operations, first aid, analysis, and a few other things I've picked up a long the way : ) should be an interesting Fall/Winter!

I'm also going to be working on making some pontoons for the Stratos. It gets very wet around here in the winter, not so much in the way for snow anymore.


Monkey/Bear Poker
Welcome to the forums Aces_High, and a huge THANK YOU for you service to our country and the people here that are free!!!

Yes this site is the one that has really got me involved in this hobby as deeply as I am. Along with Josh and Josh, a number of the members, Colorex, earthsciteach, Pgerts, bicyclemonkey, Akflyer, shadow74, and to many others to list have made me welcome and helped with all kinds of things.

My club just held their float fly, and flying off of water is a great time!!!

Good to see you are part of the Carbon Flite team, I am sure you have a lot to offer!!!

Keep flying!!!!