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To whom shall I listen?

I have a 50 minute drive both ways for work. I have been listening to RC Afterhours and RC Roundtable. Not much into helis and quads are ok. Any suggestions?
Thanks in Advance!

Ihichi Bolls

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Yeah I kinda miss Stefans video pod casts.

I cant seem to sit in one place to listen to non videocasts. If I do something while listening to one it just becomes background noise like a tv as I concentrate on what I am doing.
Well, I like the content to entertain my mind while I am driving to and from work. I like FT like content. If anyone has a suggestion, I am willing to entertain it.


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The FPVshow has a great group of guys with fun chemistry.

Same with the FreefallRC podcast. I know it's helis, but they are fun to listen to how they banter.

And the FTCC if they ever get back moving.


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Another vote for FreefallRC podcast - they do talk "planks" every so often, and even though I do skip some of the helicopter technical stuff on occasion, it's fun to listed to. Mike D's "Planker News Report" in the last year of FreefallRC is drive off the road, laugh till you're out of breath funny.

There is also a new ParkFlyer Podcast that's started up with a couple guys that's fun too.


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If you're up for something off topic from RC, you're more than welcome to listen to several years worth of my own podcast, Talkin' Bout My Generation...


I haven't added any new episodes in over a year, but that's just because I've been down a co-host, and me talking to myself is pretty hard. Since I've started messing around with cartoon voices, I might have to get back in and try to talk to myself sometime, see if I can go back and forth and prove that having split personalities can pay off. :) LOL
Well it's not RC related but it's aviation related. The EAA's "The Green Dot" podcast is really good. Below are three recent episodes that I really really liked.

- November 6th - F-117 Pilots Col. Al Whitley, Col. Ralph Getchell and Col. Greg Gonyea.
- September 12th episode was an interview with Air Force One Pilot Col. Mark Tillman. He was the captain of Air Force One during 911.
- August 1st they interviewed Elvis' Pilot Ron Strauss.

If anyone remembers josh Scott(and you should) he has apparently been making ww2 podcasts or videos. Probably not aviation related but still probably fun.


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I realize now (After listen to all the episodes that the FPV show has completed A small while back (6 mos.). You should still check it out, those are some entertaining episodes!

There does seem to be a dip in content for us hungry hobbyist.
Be on the lookout for a podcast project I'm putting together with a friend. I will post it in the all things podcasty section of the forums here. we are working on the name still (we both are terrible at names) it'll be something like Airborne RC Noobs