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Pumpkin drop event

To whom shall I listen?

I have a 50 minute drive both ways for work. I have been listening to RC Afterhours and RC Roundtable. Not much into helis and quads are ok. Any suggestions?
Thanks in Advance!
Yeah I kinda miss Stefans video pod casts.

I cant seem to sit in one place to listen to non videocasts. If I do something while listening to one it just becomes background noise like a tv as I concentrate on what I am doing.
Well, I like the content to entertain my mind while I am driving to and from work. I like FT like content. If anyone has a suggestion, I am willing to entertain it.


Building Fool-Flying Noob
The FPVshow has a great group of guys with fun chemistry.

Same with the FreefallRC podcast. I know it's helis, but they are fun to listen to how they banter.

And the FTCC if they ever get back moving.